Tuesday, June 8, 2010

this is the end....

my only friend, the end.

Friday, April 2, 2010

new post, new video!

sorry for the lack of updates, kat and i have just returned from China, here is a video to keep you occupied while we work on some blog posts about our trips. we've posted new pictures: here, or the link on the sidebar.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Perhaps this may be the last post from Korea

That is not to stay we won't post about Korea again, however, our time here is very short, and we must soon be on our way. Everything is a countdown these days. A countdown of how many more nights we have in our apartment (5), a countdown of how many more workdays I have (4), a countdown of how many more dinner meetings and soju parties (1-3), and so on. Kat and I have both finished teaching, and I am sitting at my desk with nothing to prepare for except vacation. The hours tick by slowly, and in a way, they are subtly agonizing. I've been working on a letter to give to the next teacher that will be at my school, in a way to prepare him/her for the rollercoaster ride he/she will soon find him/herself on. It's hard in a way to give any really helpful advice, as it seems that everything I have found to be true or useful in my life has turned out to be unreliable. To take in the culture and enjoy it the biggest trick is to go with the flow, and remember to not let things bother you too much, as it's not wrong, it's just different than what you're used to.

It has been a tumultuous affair, with many highs and many lows, but I do believe I will probably only remember the good times in the coming years. But life goes on, and perhaps the focus of this blog will shift now to our coming travels. We are heading off to Thailand/Cambodia/Vietnam in about 3 days, and then China after that. So expect some pictures from our new compact camera. Also, I have well over 1000 SLR pictures that I still will get developed, and I'll try to post that.

Otherwise, I leave with a good taste in my mouth. As I sadly say goodbye to all of the wonderful people who i've met in the past two years, I am struck again by the feeling that I am experiencing another little death. There will never be an opportunity to recapture the experiences here, and i feel a lot of guilt over not savouring the moments that i have experienced as much as i should have. That said, it is a little death with a rebirth, or perhaps, a reincarnation into my old life, with a different path and purpose.

However, there are many more roads to travel before I can even begin that. We will have more posts on here towards the end of February, maybe we will reflect a little more on Korea, but I imagine the focus will be on our coming travels, with more pics and vids to keep you entertained.

Until then, happy lunar new year.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy New Year!

Well it's been awhile since our last post. Sorry 'bout that. It just seems that there isn't much to blog about, even though there really is. It's strange how normalized Korea has become to me. Before everything was new and exciting, but now it's just life.

During December we had our final classes with our students. It was a little hard saying goodbye to the grade 2 students, as I have taught them for two years. There were a few tears those days. I have to admit that leaving is bittersweet. On one hand I am excited to come back to Canada and be with friends and family again. On the other hand I will miss the students and the city of Taebaek. I've come to know them well.

As a random surprise, which happens fairly often here (not always for the good) Rob and I found out that we had 10 days off of school. We had from the 25 to the 5 off, happiness ensued.

During Christmas, Rob and I went to Seoul and spent a bunch of money on non-Korean food. It was great. It's amazing how much food tastes better when you only eat it every 6 months. I hate to say it but Subway was HEAVEN in a freshly baked warm bun.
Of course the Indian food was even better, is there something better than heaven?
We also found a new hooka bar called Nabi. It was really beautiful. It had a shallow pool in the middle of the room, with rose petals and candles floating in it. There were no chairs and tables, instead you reclined on floor pillows with the short little Korean style tables. Of course we didn't bring our camera, so we have no pictures to show you. Just imagine, dark red, warm, incense, smoke, beaded chandeliers, water and soft conversation. It was very relaxing. I'd love to make my bedroom like that somehow.

During the new year we climbed Taebaek Mountain at 4:30 in the morning to watch the sunrise at 7:37. It was a spectacular sunrise and the freezing cold temperatures were definately worth it. Then, I think I slept for the next 2 days.

Now, I am teaching the freshman students. It's pretty fun as I only have 2 classes a day. I'm keeping the lessons fairly simple and fun, as their English level is relatively low. Plus, I just want to have fun too!

Soon we will be in Thailand where we will meet up with my parents. From there we will go to Cambodia and Vietnam. Hopefully our posts will pick up, as we will have more interesting things to talk about.


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Random K-Pop Song: 냉면 (Naengmyon)

This song, as far as I can tell, is using the Korean dish 냉면 (Naengmyon = cold noodles) as a metaphor for their relationship.

mm mm delicious

My favourite lyrics are "It's ice cold, my body's trembling. Cold noodle, cold noodle, cold noodle. Though it's chewy. It's too chewy. Cold noodle, cold noodle, cold noodle. Even so I still love you."
It's so true. Darn noodles always getting stuck in my throat because they are so long and impossible to chew, but it's so delicious. Spicy and cold and sour all at once! Anyway, enjoy the ridiculousness!